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What do Intellectual Property Lawyers do?

We, as intellectual property (IP) lawyers, specialize in protecting and handling cases related to the ownership of intellectual property resulting from mental efforts and intellectual labor, such as inventions, logos, and works of art. We work with patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Our role involves providing legal advice and guidance to clients on a range of matters related to intellectual property, including drafting, negotiating, and interpreting agreements and contracts such as license agreements, non-disclosure agreements, manufacturing agreements, and supply agreements.

Furthermore, we may review a company’s innovations and inventions to determine whether they can be patented and assist with the necessary paperwork to obtain patents. We also provide legal support for franchising, distribution, and technology transfers. Overall, as IP lawyers, we are essential for individuals and organizations that spend their efforts innovating and creating new ideas and concepts, as we safeguard their work and help them put it to good use.

Our Clients Say

We use Kevin's services primarily for IP and licensing related work, and also for some contractor agreements. The rate is fair, and Kevin developed a good understanding of our business to put the legal issues in context. Turnaround time is generally good but could take longer than desired when specialists are needed. We have engage Kevin for years now and overall are happy with the engagement.


I have so many great things to say about Kevin but I know this is a review and not an article, so I will keep it short! Kevin is very honest and caring. I found him on the internet after the lawyer I was working with told me there’s no way I can win; and did everything to try to deter me from pursuing this case. This case was very personal to me and my family. Kevin stepped right in and began plugging away at the facts and was very professional! He made me aware of everything that was going to take place from beginning to end and stayed on top of things! In the end, all of his hard work payed off because we won against a major corporation! I’m so grateful for him and thankful he took my case! If you’re looking for great professional representation he is worth every penny!


We have contracted Mr. Keener services a few years ago to handle our trademarks and related legal needs. He has been excellent at his work, follow ups and in communications.


Kevin assisted me with intellectual property copyright matters. He guided me through the process, was always timely with delivery targets, and communicated legal issues/guidelines in a warm and personable manner. I currently have additional copyright work to me completed and look forward to contacting and working with Kevin again in the near future

Robert Johnson

Kevin is the complete package when it comes to his services. His grasp of all things IP related is far superior to previous IP attorneys I’ve worked with. Plus, he genuinely takes his time to answer all my questions and ensure I understand the many complications that accompany IP. He is my go-to guy for all of my IP needs and that of my clients.


Why Choose Keener & Associates, P.C.?

We are the best in the United States at providing exceptional services in patents, copyright, and trademark law. Our team of highly skilled and experienced attorneys has a proven track record of successfully handling complex cases and delivering favorable outcomes for our clients. 

We have a deep understanding of the nuances of intellectual property law and work tirelessly to protect and defend our clients’ intellectual property rights. Our commitment to providing personalized attention to each client, coupled with our innovative and strategic approach, sets us apart from our competitors. With our unparalleled expertise and dedication, we are confident in our ability to deliver the highest quality legal services in patents, copyright, and trademark law.



Our law firm is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA with offices both in Chicago, Illinois and Cleveland, Ohio. However, we service all of the United States and internationally. Our clients come from Mexico, Canada, Japan, Australia, Europe, Israel, India, and China.


Business-Minded Lawyers

Our team of patent lawyers not only has legal experience, but also business experience. That makes us uniquely situated to turn legal advice into business advice and help business teams make the right next move.


Reasonable Rates

Our patent law firm treats clients as the first priority. We do not believe in performing unnecessary tasks or inventing work for a client’s file. Our patent attorneys do not have minimum billable requirements like those at large firms. Minimum billable hours for associates only leads to over-billing of clients. Our attorneys only do work that is necessary for a matter. We keep a reasonable billing rate for our attorneys.


Flat Fees

Our patent attorneys can also provide flat fee billing for transactional services. Much of our trademark prosecution work is done on a flat fee basis. For other projects, we can provide a quote for a flat fee once we have an idea of the size of the project and the tasks required. Flat fee billing is great for clients because they know in advance what the costs will be.

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